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“Teachers are second parents, Parents are second teachers”

Like a teacher’s role, a parent’s role is also equally crucial in deciding the educational and lifeskills development of a child. Acting as the vital link between the school and home, we at The Western Ghats believe in involving and encouraging parents to actively take part in moulding their child and play the role of Parents as Partners with us.

“Don’t educate your child to be rich, educate them to be happy. So, when they grow up, they will know the value of things not the price.”
– Dr.Maria Montessori

Few Guidelines For Parents:

• Create a positive, learning-friendly environment at your home.

• Actively get involved in your child’s learning process and regularly review their school Handbook.

• Have regular interactions with teachers & clearly communicate about matters regarding your child.

• Get involved and participate in school events and activities conducted for you and your child.

Parents Involvement in School Activities:

• Cookery Class, Values, English, Art, Craft, – conducted by father, mother & grand parents.

• Cultural events conducted enthusiastically by team of parents.

• Workshops, Seminars, Face to Face program, presented to students by parents.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
– Phil Collins

It goes without saying the importance teachers play in shaping up a child’s future. In a classroom, a teacher not only just teacher, but also act as a mentor, psychiatrist, career counselor and much more. Teachers invariably act as a child’s first role model as well.

At this front, to fulfill their roles to perfection teachers are required to constantly observe, analyze, update and learn about their students and things related to their curriculum. Keeping this in consideration, we at The Western Ghats consider our teachers to be learners to provide the best possible education for children.

• Our teachers are expected to take active interest in understanding the lives of our children to understand their behavior.

• They constantly monitor and track our children’s behavior for any anomalies.

• They understand every child’s capabilities and interests to provide individualized learning.

• They strive to create a positive & engaging classrooms where children fall in love with learning.

• Creating and guiding peer groups to encourage children’s social communication & much more.

• Teachers should be instrumental in implementing ‘Happy Schooling & Celebrate Learning’.

for the sake of our beloved children.

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