Pre-Primary Montessori

Pre-Primary Montessori

‘ My School ‘

– Voice of a Little Montessorian

I love my busy life at school It’s my special place where I feel big I learn more everyday with my own little way

I love that everything is just my size which makes me bold and wise And I can do things by myself : If I spill I know what to do I clean it up with cloth that in blue I tidy up my own work

I learn my alphabet sounds, words and sentences too I play with numbers, I understand the value of zero I feel the quantity of numbers with golden beads I help my friends when they feel down

My senses, they help me explore my surroundings and so much more I help my friends and know to share Even more, I learn to care

I keep my teachers on their toes They comb my hair and wipe my nose ‘Aunty’ lovingly I call How very much they love us all !

Adding and subtracting with materials galore, Working with a friend, doing a puzzle on the floor, Expressing, exploring, engaging too That’s the way I learn at The Western Ghats School

My school is a place where I can explore: Learning, caring, sharing, loving, laughing – – a happy place where I can grow !

Pre-Primary Montessori Classrooms – Age of ‘WHAT’ and ‘HOW’:

“ The Education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing for school but for life ”

– Dr.Maria Montessor

Generally, the activity of the children at this stage is synonymous with the pupa stage of a butterfly. Children at this stage love to be independent and they question frequently on ‘WHAT’ and ‘HOW’.

To cater to the needs of the children in this age group, in our stress free Montessori school, the following learning areas (subjects) are provided:

  • Exercise of Practical Life Area contains “everyday living” work such as sweeping, pouring, offering, cleaning, grace and courtesy.
  • The Sensorial Area “refines the senses” by allowing children to explore works using their sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing
  • The Language Area enhances writing work such as tracing, shading, writing letters in the colour sand tray and paper tracing. This enables a 5-year-old child to write legibly than an adult. Furthermore, children can generate sentences of their own quite confidently. Reading skills are learnt through the scientific literary system of phonetics. Equipped through phonetics, a 4-year-old can read 3000 words at ease and can attempt to read any word in the newspaper. This confidence enthuses the child to read story books, too.
  • Arithmetic Area helps to understand the quantities of numbers and grasp key concepts behind numbers and basic four arithmetic operations. A 5-year-old child can identify numbers upto 9999. The child can feel the quantity of numbers and know the value of zero.
  • Cultural Area including globes, maps, flags, plants, earth, animals, food and cultures of different countries which build awareness of the world around them.

Highlights of Pre-Primary Montessori :

Environment (Classroom) is equipped with a variety of motivating educational materials subject wise.
1:15 teacher-student ratio for individualized attention.
Routine work of the child: Mat work time, group work, individual work, rhythm and movements time and celebration time.
Expansion of Oral Language session encourages children to enrich their English communication.
Story telling session, Concept session, Show & Tell session give opportunities for child to express themselves.
Free play and Structured play are designed to develop child’s fine motor skills & gross motor skills with indoor & outdoor activities.
Sensorial play zone with unique sensorial pathway, hurdles, sand play, tree top class, balancing bridge, tunnel, amphitheatre, etc

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