Secondary Level


Montessori & Democratic System of Learning

Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and to force the child to memorize, but to touch the imagination as to enthuse the child’s innermost core.
– Dr.Maria Montessori

The Secondary level of The Western Ghats International School is imparted with the renowned CBSE curriculum that is integrated purposefully with several skill based methodologies to cater the adolescent students, such as:

  • Secondary Level Montessori ( Adolescent Community )
  • Wholebrain Learning
  • Research and Follow up Activities
  • Life Applications
  • Democratic System

Secondary Level Tactile Learning By Montessori : (Adolescent Community)

The developmental stage of this age group of children is similar to that of cocoon stage of butterfly. At this age, children make a huge transition from reasoning mind stage (i.e) from ‘Why’ questioning stage to ‘Who Am I?’ questioning stage.

The abstract concepts of all the subjects at this advanced level are taught with carefully chosen montessori materials through practical sessions for easier understanding.

Wholebrain Learning:

What did Albert Einstein, Beethoven and Leonardo da Vinci have in common ?

They all had extraordinary imagination and visual power tapped from their right brain, combined with logical thinking from the left brain. Wholebrain learning is achieved by accelerating logical left brain and creative right brain with equal importance by imparting:

  • Six Hats Thinking Skills inspired by Edward de Bono
  • Mind Mapping inspired by Tony Buzan
  • Periodic Wholebrain exercises
  • Tactile Learning through practical sessions on every subject
  • Insightful Brain Gym sessions
Research & Follow-up Activities:

An exclusive and innovative lab provides a unique learning space for the students to explore academics and celebrate learning. After learning the theoretical concepts at classrooms, subsequently, students work upon the same concepts practically at this insightful lab, individually and in groups. Also, students themselves plan and execute schedules like learning hour schedule, working hours, exploring and experimentation schedule.

Life Application:

In line with school’s motto, ‘Not for School, but for LIFE, we learn’, all the concepts are taught with their applications in real life. Students love learning the concepts as they understand that mastering these concepts will be helpful in the profession they aspire for.

Democratic System:

We know that psychologically self-esteem of the adolescent students is extremely high and they do not tolerate any kind of comments, punishments, bad opinion about their personality. Hence a thoughtfully created DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM is implemented in due consultation with educationalists and child physiologists. Democratic system proves that youth are not useless, they are used less. We strongly believe that powering the youth is absolutely empowering the nation.

Instead of imposing work on the students, they are enthused to own the responsibility of the school system. Students are given absolute responsibility to schedule their academics, non-academics, day plan, events, etc.

Highlights of Secondary Level :

Research and follow up Lab, theory classrooms, think rooms for learning, Audio Visual Classrooms which focus on skill based stress free learning environment
Outdoor classrooms, treetop classrooms to explore academics outside the classrooms and work on their plan
‘KNOW YOUR APTITUDE’– aptitude assessment for grade 9 and grade 10 children which supports them to opt their career.
Certificate courses on Aero modelling, Robotics and Helen O’ Grady English drama
House-wise competition, I CAN competition, National Talent Search Examination, Spell Bee competition, Olympiad
Work clubs like Astronomy, Book lovers, Entrepreneur, Helping Hands, Space, Nature, etc.,
Theatre arts to enhance their theatre skills at the exclusive Amphitheatre
Value Inculcation Programme (VIP)
Life Skills and Leadership Programme (LLP)
English Communication Enhancement (ECE) programme
Judgement Day, War of Stars, Iconic Prodigy League (IPL) to exhibit children’s innate talents
Greenopolis– the green school campus activities
Co-Scholastic activities and Non-Scholastics activities
Indoor and Outdoor games

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